Why Don’t You See More Of Sargel18? What’s He Up Against?

Many people ask me when I’m going to do another TV show or magazine article, and I get my offers but they always seem to come with strings attached. So, I turn them down. Every time a legit offer comes through it’s rescinded within a few days to the point that the people who contacted me first will not even talk to me anymore.

Why is that? I ask. Well as I have stated many times the powers that be do not want my research and life in the public eye. They only will allow in the media what they can control and what info goes along with the grand lie. I can’t be controlled and that goes right along with finding out the truth about reality.

So here’s a piece of evidence sent to me from NASA/Goddard, one hour before I was to take a plane to Denver’s Global Sciences Congress and break the photo evidence of the Dinosaurs and Dragons. It was August 1998 and they didn’t even try to hide themselves, all the evidence of validity is right in the e-mail. I just blacked out the scientists name so he wouldn’t get hurt and as you can read they want me to stop showing people what’s really going on, and who is really in control.