In 1997 I was told by the beings to it was time to prove to the world who I was and bring validity to my research and message. Late one night as I was falling asleep I caught a few minutes of a man name John Bro who discovered how to film UFOs by a technique he developed of pointing a video camera near the sun. A few days later I was told that it was time to start trying this filming process because it was important for the upcoming contact. I tried it with a cheap RCA camera and caught 2 UFOs in a half hour. Within a month a women from Virginia telephoned me out of the blue and asked if I help her with her life psychically she would buy me anything I wanted for my research. I laughed and said sure I need this new camera by Sony called the VX-1000 digital camcorder. It’s TV quality and films at 700 lines of resolution. She said fine and it just so happens my close friend was a manager of a large electronics store and he just had one in and it costs $3,500 wholesale. I gave her the number of the store and hung up. You could have bowled me over with a pebble when within an hour my friend called up and told a lady from Virginia just bought me the camcorder all the extras and 5 years service to boot! I had no idea this was just the beginning of the amount of equipment that would be given me over the next 2 years for this research. I started filming and the pictures below are a few of the results. This put me on a feature story of a TV show called “Strange Universe” on UPN. During this show I announced that this year I will film the UFOs and Next year (1998) I will have contact with the beings flying them. This didn’t go over well with the other people around the country who were promoting this type of UFO filming and basically said I was nuts. Well we now know on Feb 10 1998, I did have contact at the vortex and proven again right.