Sargel18 Contact Feb 10 1998 & The Orb Discovery

Many people ask me about what happened during “contact” and want to see the contact video and about 100 people have seen it and each time were blown away. When the media timing is right and the offer comes from TV, I will show it. But to satisfy the curious I will explain this one definitive frame from that video.

1st I didn’t know that night would be contact or the major paranormal discovery of Orbs, I just brought my camera everywhere I searched and that fateful night was pay dirt.

The camera was a Sony VX1000, on 10,000 speed and in 700 lines of resolution. So the picture is extremely clear.

If you look at the picture you will see I split it into 4 parts.

The Part marked #1 is the actually untouched frame showing myself taking a picture of the alien and the inter-dimensional doorway behind it.

In photo #2 I put an untouched close up of the alien and the doorway behind it and you can see the structure of the doorway behind it clearly.

Photo #3 I brought down the contrast bringing out much more detail. You can see the flash from my camera reflecting off the skin of the alien, because at this point it’s 3rd dimensional. At the same time you see the light from my camera flash defuses off the energy of the doorway and you can see the octagon structure, which is a bridge of sorts between the astral and this dimension.

Photo #4 shows a close up of the alien and doorway.

At this point the Orbs started coming into our reality and have been ever since. Almost every photo I took after that had an Orb in it and after a few weeks I was successfully able to show people that dust also shows up as Orbs because the camera doesn’t know the difference, it’s just a camera. You have to really know what your doing when it comes to claiming an Orb photo and unless your there to see it light up 30 or 40 feet away you can never be absolutely sure of anyone’s Orb claims.

Lucky for me and the people that I brought out there the Orbs were the least of our worries, LOL