Sargel18 Appearances

Many people ask, “Who are you and how come I haven’t heard of you before”. My answer is simply I’m all over the place but I’m not promoted publicly because almost every time a major TV stations programmer sees my evidence and story they are all excited and when they go to their bosses. I never hear from them again. This is because somebody or something doesn’t want this information getting national attention. “Why?” we can only speculate about but every now and then they slip up and I’m able to get my research and story out to the public. Here is a list of some of my appearances over the years. NOTE: Over 100 people in the past three years have taken my pictures to the rag papers such as the “Weekly World News” because with this unseen media blanket over my research they knew that papers like that would “eat this up” and exploit it to the max. Well each were told “NO” We don’t want to write about his information or show his pictures. When I was last in Daytona a couple who lives but a few blocks away from the Weekly’s main office marched in there with this evidence and ask them to report it. They were turned down flat and they were shocked at the negativity displayed over their questions on “why not”. When they told me this I laughed, because if the rag papers who stand to make tons of money with my story and pictures won’t write about me then no one will. I just thought this fact was an interesting tidbit..

Bryan Williams/Sargel18

Featured speaker LIFE SPIRIT CENTER Newton NJ, Sept 20 1997

Featured story “The UFO Prophet” for the Television show STRANGE UNIVERSE aired Sept 12 1997 and Jan 7-8 1998 on UPN

Featured speaker METAPHYSICAL CENTER OF NJ at William Paterson University

Jan 3 1998

Featured Speaker at the EXPLORING THE UNEXPLAINED weekend for the MOHONK MTN HOUSE hotel Chain in New Paltz NY Jan 23-25

Speaker Global Sciences Congress Feb 1998 Daytona Florida

Keynote Speaker for the SOURCE OF LIFE EXPO NYC March 27-29 NYC

Featured speaker for the WHOLE LIFE EXPO NYC March 27-29

Keynote lecturer for the MILLENNIUM EXPO NYC MAY 1998.

Featured speaker for the Pilots Aviation Ass. South Carolina May 1998

Featured speaker Mountain Star Lodge North Carolina May 1998

One week featured guest Global Sciences Congress June 15-21 Denver Colorado

Keynote speaker Long Island Mystery Club June 1998

Featured speaker Global Sciences Congress August 1998 Denver

Featured 3 part TV show Janet Russell “Beyond The Unexplained” Long Island NY August 1999

Featured speaker Global Sciences Congress Daytona Florida February 2000

Appeared and research featured Fox Family Channel “Real Scary Stories” September 2000

Featured appearance 700 WLW Scizone radio show with Bill Boshears February 2001 Cincinnati Ohio. Listeners 29 million

Featured appearance 700 WLW sister station for Rob Calvert “WEBN DAWN PATROL” radio show Cincinnati Ohio. Listeners 20 million.