I have received countless letters from persons requesting to visit the Vortex with me. After talking for a few minutes to analyze these requests, I realize by their statements on reality, that they just don’t have a clue to what this reality really is or even who’s running the show. Now this is not the fault of the requestors, but the result of perfect reality programming that has been instilled since they first opened their eyes.

Now realize that the reason, I‘m set so far apart from everyone else is that I (by design) jumped the programming and I have the people and aliens at DARPA to thank for this. I could go into a long drawn out reason why but the best supporting fact is my evidence and the evidence of others that I have taken to the vortex.

Let’s put one fact to rest. Many people have found the vortex area, gone there on their own and taken many pictures. Yet, they only get (if anything) pitiful examples for their efforts. And then there are those, who have gone with me and have taken fantastic photos. Yet these same people have tried going on their own and get little or no results. The reason why this happens is that I am the Doorway’s Anchor and if the Anchor isn’t present, nothing is happening. So to all those that wish to visit the vortex with me there are ways to convince me of your seriousness and desire to learn about my discovery but sadly I have yet been convinced by anyone. Maybe one day….

Now, the reality check!

On TV series, Strange Universe (1997) I made the statement that witches are the ones that run the world. I supported this statement with evidence that was available at the time. However, the producers had that portion edited out of the show. So after coming across some new findings, I decided to post my updated “supporting evidence”.

I came across this evidence as I was using a new Earth satellite mapping system, which is located on the net. The location was Washington D.C. and the moment the image zoomed into focus, I knew I had found the evidence that I had been looking for.

In the following examples you will see the one symbol that signifies how much of a strong hold, witchcraft has throughout the world. This symbol is

“The Pentagram” and it’s the basis for the design layout of Washington DC.

In this first example you see the area where the White House and most of our nation’s treasured monuments and buildings are located. You can easily see the upside down Pentagram. The picture on the right is outlined it for comparison.

Ex. #2: zooming in for a closer view shows the White House at the bottom tip of the Pentagram

Ex # 3: zooming in for a even closer view; shows the White House and (right across the street) a park which is in the
exact shape of the cross symbol of the Knights of Templar. Comparison photo on right.

Ex #4: Now zooming even further into the symbol you will see that there is a clearly an upside down cross in the dead
center of the Pentagram.

My Last example shows that the Pentagram layout design was specifically chosen to be upside down instead of right side up.

**Note – What I’m about to state has nothing to do with the thousands of brave men and women who either in heroism or death have earned our nations highest military honor, “The Medal of Honor”. I’m just using the symbol as an example because it supports my findings.

First of all as my experience and vast amount of evidence supports the existence of (see evidence level of the Devil w/ axe sticking out of his back) Lucifer, the greatest Dragon of all.
Who by creation was banished here and given dominion over the Earth and has set the play in motion for his greatest battle with God.

There are white witches and dark witches. You can tell the difference between them by the way they wear or use the symbol of the Pentagram.

White witches wear the Pentagram right (point facing up) side up and this signifies “God or Creation has control over Earth”. Dark witches wear or use an upside down (point facing down) Pentagram. This signifies Earth and the forces of evil over God.

Now look again at the above photos. You can now see that D.C. was also designed with an upside down cross in the center.

America is the greatest and most powerful nation to have ever existed here on Earth. It would make sense for the most powerful being here, on this Earth plane (Lucifer), to have a major influence and his legion all through it.

Now back to the Medal of Honor. It has bothered me since I first saw one that the star/Pentagram of this great medal is upside down. This design to me just didn’t make sense. Who designs a star upside down anyway? It doesn’t even look right unless it’s supposed to be upside down.

Washington DC was designed as an upside down Pentagram and so is its greatest honor. Most people never have the time or insight to put things like this together or because of their mind-controlled reality are blind to it all together.

I could right a book with an endless list of examples and illustrations on how witches have and always will run the world. Hopefully this one example will open your eyes and you will start to question this world around you.

Another point is that witchcraft whether it is Earth or High Magik is just alien technology dogmatized to hell by humanity. This was designed by Lucifer to confuse people. Lucifer is what we would call an inter-dimensional alien. Lucifer is a Reptilian, who is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible, as the Great Dragon. He leads an army of beings, which can influence people and through certain vortexes can cross over this Earth plane physically.

So next time you read how insane my statements are or how I faked my evidence, open your eyes and start to look at the world like I do and you’ll begin to see the signs that I’m correct. Also remember who’s running the information highway. If it is a being who’s representation is an upside down Pentagram then most of what your being fed is a lie.