People all over the world in every meta-science field have been crying the word “conspiracy” for years. There are so many I’m at a loss for remembering any accurately. Well there may be these conspiracies operating as we speak, but there is one I have come to learn the hard way that I want to share. It’s a simple one and I call it the “Keep the public stupid and in line with the programming” There that’s simple.

In 1997 during the new way to film UFO’s wave. I went on national TV on UPN and announced that these “Rod” like UFO’s were not animals or anything like that but were the real UFO’s that people needed to know about. Inter-dimensional ships, that worked on the principles of Alchemy and were inhabited by Reptilian beings. On top of that I also mentioned that the UFO’s that appeared publicly over the last 50 years were set-ups by someone or something that wanted people keeping their attention on little green or gray men from other worlds. Well that’s all I had to say. The network phones were jammed for two days in LA from people wanting to get in touch with me. After this anytime I was asked to do another show it was mysteriously nixed with one excuse after another. I tried to get the research into the papers and that didn’t work. I have many witnesses to TV, newspaper, magazines etc. calling me up with a very excited person on the other end. I would give them the information they asked for and it was always ” I just have to talk to the execs and we’re going to do this. Then 2,3,5,7 days would pass and I, or someone close to me would call up the excited person and their attitude would change 180 degrees. They didn’t want to talk to me and wanted nothing to do with a show. Sometimes they were down right rude and we would just say “It was you who contacted us, remember?” This still happens to this day. But, every now and then I slip one by and get some information out.

OK, you say that’s it? I have heard that before. Well it didn’t stop there folks. I would go to places filled with love and light people and as soon as they saw me their attitude would change to negativity. People would go out with me to the vortex and as soon as they got their own pictures of things they would change overnight to evil. It’s happened over and over again and still happens to this day. What’s my point?

The point is every Tom-Dick & Harry out there is either on TV, writing books, doing lectures telling people about their unbelievable stories and research into the unknown and no one stops them. I have done many lectures with the famous of this field and I yet to see anyone claiming extraordinary abilities, do anything extraordinary. I have yet to see any recurring tangible evidence either in 3-D or on photos from these people. Yes, there are a few that have one or two neat things to show and I have met some accurate psychics, but come on. It’s the new millennium I’m not going to swallow the same old “Visualize” this and you’ll see it bull. I want evidence and mind blowing discoveries!! I want to be floored by a new concept proven to re-write our history from the beginning. BUT, this never happens and if it does such as in my case something stops it on such a massive scale that it must be a universal energy that’s omnipresent. This energy is designed to keep us in line and not looking outside the acceptable reality box.

There is proof of this force in history. When Galileo came out with his discoveries, he had to leave his town for fear of death. Edison was called a ventriloquist when he showed the phonograph and was laughed at by the whole science community. Even the Wright Bros were laughed at by everyone for their discovery and had to leave the country to gain notoriety. Why? Let’s get even deeper into this force. In now times this type of ridicule happens when a scientist (usually a noted one) makes a mind blowing discovery and uses the basic science of carbon dating to find out how old something is. When they find out that it’s completely out of place with the acceptable known time reference and make the mistake of presenting it to the world they are disgraced and lose their jobs and reputations.

This type of discovery is commonly called OOPAAS, “Out Of Place Ancient Artifacts”. Basically all over the world things such as dolls, bells, tools, hammers, shoe footprints and more have been found inside solid rock. Coal takes millions of years to turn from a sticky fluid to the hard rock we know today. There have been many digs where coal is being brought up from miles deep and when a large piece is broken open out falls a machine made object. This of course can’t be. Modern thinking humans are relatively a few thousand years’ young not millions of years old. Who made these things? The scientist doing the carbon dating isn’t a “new age nut”, He’s a scientist with mucho dollars in education. He doesn’t make mistakes.

Better yet why when this very excited scientist tells everyone what he has found he’s laughed at, and if he presses the subject too far he’s disgraced? What is it that someone or thing doesn’t want us to know about and why not? Personally if I found out that there were races here before us that were just as smart as we are today I would think that was the coolest concept. I would want to know as much as I could about them and their race. I really don’t think that governments would fall, churches would no longer exist and people would start committing mass suicides over this fact. So why is it being kept a secret? This question can go on and on till morn.

My research and information I gain out at this vortex is not in line with the acceptable popular UFO/Paranormal norm. If anything it could be taken to the point of destroying these acceptable theories and re-writing everything in our history. Think about it for a second. We are not in control. We are not the supreme masters that we think we are. A slug on the next plane of reality is higher in evolution then we are and can toy with most of us like a cat plays with a mouse. Maybe we have been guided by Gods that have us scurrying around a maze of their design and not our own. Those are scary concepts. But also any new proven “out of the norm” concept is scary for a while then we get used to it and research it to death. Remember that if 100 years ago you told anyone that a solid wood table is really billions of little vibrating atoms held together by energy, but really don’t touch, they would think you were a nut, and if you pressed the issue they would most likely hit you over the head with the table to shut you up.

The vortex theories presented by me and the evidence to back them up have a blanket over them of unprecedented proportions. This blanket is omnipresent not only in our reality but inside of each person incarnate. As if it’s a fail-safe installed to keep us inline. But, the time of Revelation is here and the revealing will bring knew and exciting realities to all of us!

Here are a few of the photographs of these OOPAAS and each are millions of years old. Each have been accurately carbon dated by scientist and you never hear of it.