On Dec 12 1998 Teleahqua & myself walked into a light foggy vortex. For Dec it was pretty moist. Tele sensed a being and walked to a bush and scared a 3rd dimensional Dragon that was lying in the grass. It jumped up and took off. It startled her but keeping present of mind she snapped the picture. With the camera delay she was only able to catch the tip of the tail. What you see in the photo is the matted down grass where it was lying and on the far left of the picture the 3rd dimensional tip of the tail. If you look at the enhancement in the bottom right corner of the photo you see clearly the tip with droplets of water clinging to it. These beasts like to cool off there skin. I wish she had caught the whole beast but you can’t control everything out there.

Teleahqua also took this amazing photo. The vortex only 20 years ago was a very wide river that was purposely dried up. As I brought the doorway down she snapped a photo of a trout jumping over an Orb. This photo shows that different time lines parallel our own. The untouched photo is on the left and I outlined the fish and orb with some black photo paint to show more detail. DARPA is well aware of this doorway to these time lines and they use them to manipulate our future.

This photo shows Lisa & Teleahqua standing at the vortex. I was standing about 25 ft away and Lisa and I heard something flapping behind them. She turned to look and I snapped the picture. Now both women are roughly 5’6” tall so by their size in the photo you can determine how far away from the camera they are. About 10ft to Lisa’s right you see what was making the flapping sound. A beautiful butterfly. But this butterfly had a wingspan of over 36”! Notice the shadow the flash caused under the butterfly proving its distance from the camera. Creatures of this huge size haven’t existed on Earth for millions of years but thanks to DARPA messing around with the doorway they sometimes escape into our present reality. Way cool!

As I have stated many times it’s not just the vortex that’s studied but myself also. People all over ask how come I can make discoveries and bring in such fantastic evidence all the time that no one else can. Well here’s a little tidbit for the Astrology minded out there, my natal chart. Just take a look I don’t think anything else is needed to be said. Do you?

This frame is from a video I took with my Sony VX1000 on July 4th 1997 from Garrett Mountain NJ towards the Meadowlands sports complex. Roughly 4 miles away. There was a big fireworks display that night and you can see the Empire State Building in red, white and blue in the background. When the fireworks would go off it would light up the night sky and because of my training I noticed a dark diamond shaped UFO hovering over the complex. I took this frame from the video and sure enough there was the diamond shaped craft. ** Look to the left of the Empire State building almost at the top of the photo. I enhanced the object in the inserts in 3 different colors so you can clearly see the diamond shaped UFO. Here’s an interesting fact about this picture. As I have stated MUFON is just a front for DARPA to suck in any real UFO/Alien evidence that might arise and when needed make the people look like idiots that found it. Also to keep putting the bullshit popular UFO theories and Area51 ploy constantly in the public eye. Ever since I came out with the vortex evidence and contact MUFON has stopped almost every instance of me bringing the evidence public. It got so bad that I tried an experiment. MUFON had never seen this photo so I leaked it out through a different IP address in 1998 with some crazy explanation to what it was. Well. MUFON picked up on it and plastered it all over the net as a fantastic UFO photo. It was everywhere. So I then put it up on my site stating it was mine and guess what? MUFON squashed it everywhere with no explanation. You see folks DARPA owns MUFON and doesn’t want my evidence to get out to the world. So don’t trust ANY organized UFO group if you really want to know the truth.

This photo was brought to me in Jan 1998 by a DARPA member from Long Island, in a government K car no less. Many times I have said in lectures that in 2011 I have to take care of a very sinister hooded being I call “The Hooded One”. The gent came to my home and stated that he had a message from the one who wears the hood. After telling me the cryptic message he also stated he had his photo for me. This is the photo. This is one meeting I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and just a little message of my own for this being “You’ll lose”

This photo was brought to me in 1994 taken with a regular 35mm camera. It shows a woman’s back porch in Martha’s Vineyard. She took the photo because she was pleased with her porch. When it was developed to her surprised was this strange geometric shaped object suspended in mid air. I believe it’s an alien probe and I have seen probes like this before at the vortex. It’s actually inter-dimensional and DARPA has this technology.