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It has been over two long years since I have had a desire to speak publicly, and now the time of silence is over. I have done much research over the last 14 years pertaining to NATURE of REALITY, and how it affects the everyday individual, as well as the movers and shakers, and our world we live in. I’m compelled to create this web page, because one prediction of many I’ve made, has just recently come true. The event I’m talking about is the World Trade Center disaster, and how, and why, it directly relates to my research in an obscure little town in Northern New Jersey, called Wanaque, and the ancient vortex located in its mountains. Time is running out for reality as we have known it, and a new and dramatic reality, that we will soon all experience, is now being put into place right before our eyes.
Seers have made predictions of pending disasters and reality changes, for thousands of years. Sometimes their predictions come true on a macrocosmic (world) level, and in other instances, on a microcosmic (personal) level. Some of their predictions never come true. Since I started this mission of bringing out predictive and photographic evidence to the masses, I have learned much about human mass consciousness, and who is directing our lives from beginning to end. This web page will reflect both in words and in photographs, my discoveries and how they apply to all.

This web page will have a mixture of Metaphysical, (beyond physical) as well as common meanings of each discovery made and proven, as well as upcoming possibilities. Explanations of “who I am”, “why I’m here” and most importantly “why” I am able to bring out a tremendous amount of tangible evidence to back up my claims will be represented.

So many of the “Famous” people in this field only have speculation, visualization, or a very limited amount of evidence, on which entire careers are based upon. Foremost, the words and evidence presented here are my own, and not a story told by a second party. This is a very important point, for nothing is lost to make a story line. Just the way it was experienced by me is how you get it: UNFILTERED. Not only is my research and evidence under intense scrutiny, but I myself, come under the same scrutiny. Why? Because from what I have seen out there in the Metaphysical circuit, people aren’t supposed to be able to bring out this type and amount of evidence that I so far have, and a lot of people want to know why I can, and others can’t. Most of this web page will run along the lines of the last interview I granted, on the ‘Surfing the Apocalypse’ web page. I suggest before continuing, you read that first.

This web page also is what I call a “NO BULL” format. So I’m not going to candy coat anything here. You’re going to see many photographs, taken on every camera format, and my explanations on what they show, and what they mean to us all.