12/27/2008 Sargel18 Blog, What’s It All About?

This blog is going to be about my ideas and evaluation of the unstable time our world is experiencing, through a metaphysical viewpoint. This viewpoint is souly based upon my experiences as a metaphysician as well as my many encounters with Alien & Astral beings, all of which I have documented on video, 35mm film and digital formats.

Many questions have been asked of me over the last 18 years and the answers were sometimes clear and others not so clear. Based upon the last few years of watching our world and race lead itself towarsd an inevitableĀ  experience of global revelation, I see clearly it is my time to speak.

So, 9 years of silence is over and I wll try to put a new post up everyday. There will be many new evidence photos posted with explanations and how these beings may effect our lives and reality.