Best Orb Photo


The pictures others and I have taken in our vortex research number in the tens of thousands. The Orb pictures only make up 5% of those pictures. Before the vortex discovery and contact on Feb 10, 1998, myself and others were taking pictures every night back in those woods. Both with regular 35mm film and digital video with my Sony VX1000. No orbs were ever present in any of our pictures, after contact Orbs everywhere.

Now there are many people all over the world taking Orb photos but 90% of them are simple mistakes like, dust, rain and just plane stupidity.

I sit back and let the people take shots at the Orb photography and watch the purpose dis-information on the subject be instilled into mass consciousness by groups and people that the general UFO public is supposed to respect.

I sit back and watch one of the most amazing and easily attainable discoveries go right down the tubes. Now you ask why? Why don’t I defend the Orb photography and spend lots of time explaining the mistakes away? Why don’t I go after the dis-information plants on the net?

Well, as I have said hundreds of times I have over 75,000 pics both in 35mm film, digital photography and video of almost every type of being, legend and thought form almost ever conceived. I also have the best Orbs pics in the world and the most convincing to even the most doubtful. To take my valuable time and try to fight instilled mass consciousness misdirection would allow that misdirection to win, for every moment in time wasted is a loss to humanity. So I let it go and every couple of years I take a few days to update the page and speak my mind.

Here is one of my private and most convincing Orb “do exist” pictures. It has all the reference any photo scientist needs in proving Orbs are real.

First this is a picture way back in the vortex area of a tunnel entrance that goes deep into the hollow mountain (look right behind the reeds on the right). To the left is my former partner Hawksblood bending down as he walks under the branches.

Directly to the left of him you see a green orb with a branch clearly sticking through the center (see insert). Tommy is roughly 20 feet in front of me and stands 5’7″. The tunnel entrance is 6ft high and another 15 ft in front of him. So this is a picture showing reference in many locations and showing a physical Orb about twenty feet away from the camera and clearly in our physical reality.

To all the amateur photo scientist out there who spout their unfounded lies about this vortex photography being fake or just dust, put this picture in your mouth and choke on it J

Oh and by the way don’t send stupid letters about my attitude about things or my verbiage, Divine Providence needed to send a warrior to bring this evidence to the world. I am not a love and light passive individual. I’m a son-of-a-bitch and as far as I’m concerned the love and lighters are frauds and because of their fearful actions have caused this problem to go so far out of control our very race is at stake. We live in a warring existence and are a warring race. Hello, why don’t those love and light people start doing something about these Dragon race beings instead of letting them grow in numbers to the point of actually challenging our very existence?

They don’t because they’re scared. They don’t want to give the negative energy power. Boo Who.

Hey, what happens if you have rats in your home and you don’t give them any energy by thinking about them or destroying them?

Answer: You wind up one day a minority in your own home as it’s over run by rats. Same thing with these negative beings.

Get it?